"Promises" Blog Tour

I'm not always the best at keeping promises. I try to be, but my procrastination often gets the best of me. For instance, I promised my friend Carolyn that I would read her new book, "Promises" and write a blog post about it by March 29th. As I type this post, it's about 10:30 p.m. on March 29th. Hopefully I'll have it up before midnight.

If the results of the photo finish come back and show that I made it - that my post went live before the date changed - does that mean I kept my promise? Technically, maybe. But I don't think that kind of finish inspires people to trust you to keep future promises. It sends a message that you didn't truly value them or the promise you made. I hate sending that message so consistently, but I haven't figured out how to break out of the cycle.

The problem, I think, is that I put things off, knowing that I have time to do it later and I have other fires to put out from other things I've procrastinated. When I buckle down and start working on the thing, whatever it is, I usually do have time to finish it without such a rush --- IF the world were perfect and nothing ever came up out of the blue, I never forgot any of the other critical things I also had to get done, I hit every green light, and none of the kids' shoes ever wandered off.

Sadly, although I do believe in the maxim, "Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today," I end up living the reverse: "Don't do today what you can put off until tomorrow."

So, what do you do to keep yourselves on track without getting in the vicious constantly-putting-out-fires cycle? I'd love to get some advice!

At any rate, here I am, ready to tell the world about Carolyn Twede Frank's new book, "Promises." It's about Hattie, who has to move to a new town as a 12-year-old and has to struggle to make new friends and adjust to a different lifestyle. She stumbles upon a mystery in the process, and that's when things start to really get interesting.

The book blurb says: Promises is a heartwarming story of friendship with a touch of mystery and adventure set in the days before Bryce Canyon became a national park. Drawn from the memoirs of Hattie Adair Jolley and her children, it is a realistic glimpse into the past and a delightful story for readers ages eight to eighty.

This is the first time I've read any of Carlyn's writing, and I'm impressed. I felt drawn into the story immediately, and I really liked Hattie. She was cute and spunky and just an all-around sympathetic character. I wish I had asked my daughters to read it, too, and get a kids' perspective before writing this, but of course, that didn't happen what with the procrastination and all. But I felt like her voice was authentic and I really enjoyed the story. I love historical fiction and I don't read enough of it, so this was a nice treat.

You can find out more about Carolyn by stopping by her blog.

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