Okay, so last November, I totally rocked NaNoWriMo, as you all know. I worked really well under those conditions.

And then December 1st rolled around . . . and then January 1st . . . and then February, March, and April 1st . . . and I still haven't finished the rough draft I started in November.

Then my very good friend ali Cross introduced me to NiNoWriMo -

Ninja Novel Writing Month!

Now, I've always secretly wanted to be a ninja. But after seeing this youtube video, I despaired of ever being one:

So when ali told me about her project, I was very excited. This was my chance to be a ninja while sitting on my couch! Yes!

If you want to find out more, head over to ali's dojo. See you there!

How Triathlons Relate to Writing

I'm a guest blogger on Christine Bryant's "Tag! You're It! Tuesday"

Come read some answers I had to her questions about triathlons. Click here to read it, and be sure to leave a comment.

Come back tomorrow, too! I'm getting back on the blogging bandwagon, and I'll be posting about a great new thing I've gotten involved in.

Book Review - The Crazy Daze of Motherhood

Last year, I read Jane Isfeld Still's first book, Mother's Daze. I really enjoyed Still's sense of humor. So I was excited when I was asked if I wanted to read her new book, the Crazy Daze of Motherhood for review on my blog.

Like her first book, Crazy Daze is full of anecdotal stories from Still's own life as a mother. From mascara catastrophes to clogged toilets and band-aid emergencies, Still finds the humor in the situation and paints a vivid picture of her Daze as a mother. I found Crazy Daze to be lots of fun. Maybe because it's just easier to laugh at someone else's fumbles and disasters than it is your own.

If you're looking for a fun Mother's Day gift that will make your mom (or any other amazing woman in your life) smile, pick up a copy of Still's new book.

Also, there's a great contest going on right now on Still's blog. Here are the details. Make sure and check it out.

You can win a fun prize from Jane to help celebrate the release of her book.  Just go to her blog at and become a follower, and then leave her a comment and tell her that you're a new follower.  You could win:

1. Mother's Daze basket, soap, chocolate, lotion, decorative candles, and recipe cards
2. Box of blank cards with a smattering of Canadian chocolate
3. Chocolate

Good luck!