# 39 - Rejection

Well, neither of my paintings were accepted, but I still think they're good. :)

Now, it's back to writing. My critique group is getting on my case about not being done with the first draft of my book. I'm on it, I promise!

We met tonight and I got a lot of great feedback on my story. I really need some motivation to get myself writing on a good schedule and getting some real work done. Any ideas?


  1. How about rewarding yourself? Think of something you would really like to have but wouldn't normally get for yourself or a reward like going out for Girl's Night Out (we'd totally do that if I was still there). A trip to Lagoon with hubby?

    This summer I want the kids to get "trained" on different jobs they don't know how to do like washing dishes, doing laundry, stuff like that. But *I'm* the one that has to do all the training! So to motivate all of us, we planned a Silverwood (amusement park) trip at the end of the summer if we all get it done. So, I think even at our age, rewards really help!

  2. Sorry to hear your painting didn't get accepted. They're awesome!

    Motivation . . . I won't let myself read blogs or books until I've either worked on writing or editing for at least an hour or two. Otherwise, I'm stuck doing laundry or cleaning the bathroom - that's motivation enough for me!


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