# 46 - Life-Sucking Projects

There are times when my whole life gets sucked into a project like a snail in a vortex.

Right now, we're finishing our basement. All of my writing and most of my reading time has disappeared into the ether of the project. (I did manage to read Breaking Dawn, though, so I guess if the snail is determined enough...) :)

We hired a company to come in and do all the work, and the project is getting done in an amazing amount of time because we have big crews of people coming in and out of our house all day. So, why is it sucking all of my time away? I guess partly because the crews are getting things done so fast. It's made us have to make a lot of decisions fast, and that takes a lot of time.

But it's also sucking up a lot of mental and emotional energy. I'm constantly thinking about what phase of the project we're in and how much longer it's going to take and chewing over the decisions we have to make in the back of my head.

It's amazing how easily my energy gets sapped when other things are going on. It's not like I've been doing all that much stuff to get the basement done. Granted, up until the work started, we had to do a lot of work getting everything out of the basement. But for the last couple of weeks, that's been completely behind us, and I still feel drained all the time.

I need to practice some good meditation exercises or something - psych myself up and get back into a normal rhythm of life. I need to learn to let these kind of things take care of themselves and not let them suck my life up so easily.


  1. I totally understand what you mean! I am one that can only seem to concentrate on one project at a time, so I completely immerse myself in it and can't seem to balance everything else out. It will be so nice when it is done and you can enjoy all the space!

  2. I'm with you as well--sometimes it's a far smaller thing that complete basement remodeling, but my brain is so full I can't find room for my writing or other things. It's always a relief when the project is over. Three cheers for someone else doing the work though! That's how I do it too, and I don't know how I would function otherwise.

  3. Hey, I feel for you! Our basement flooded last summer and we had people in and out almost every day. I think anytime your regular routine gets interrupted its hard to carry on. I was really stressed and so glad when it was done.
    So hang in there and I hope you love having a finished basement!


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