#51c - The Final Tag

My Sister-in-Law Adrianne also tagged me a couple of days ago. This is going to be my last tag for a while. :)

4 Goals you have for the next 5 years...
1. Finish the rough drafts of the books I'm working on
2. Get my house in order
3. Learn Spanish, at least semi-fluently
4. Get published

4 Places I WILL visit someday...
1. New England, but specifically, New York
2. Hawaii
3. Mexico
4. The Caribbean

4 of My Favorite Foods...
1. Sweet & Sour Chicken over white rice
2. My mom's Waffle Brownies
3. Baked potato piled with cottage cheese, ham, peas, green peppers...etc.
4. Tortellini

4 Jobs I've had (that you might not remember)...
1. Small icing decorator
2. Hostess
3. Newspaper delivery girl
4. Coder (categorizing responses to phone and mail surveys)

2 Places I've lived
1. Utah County
2. Salt Lake County
That isn't just two of the places I've lived. It's the only two. It doesn't get more boring than that, does it? :)

2 Places I'd like to live
1. Boston
2. Washington state coast

4 things I'd do with my spare time (if I had any)
1. Read books (Let's be honest - I already read enough books, but if I had more spare time, I'd read more books) :)
2. Write music
3. Paint / draw / sculpt
4. Decorate the house

The only person I'm going to tag is Elana, because she's never been tagged. Now she's really going to wish she hadn't told me her blog address. :)


  1. OOoooh, I LOVE me some sweet and sour too!

  2. Jen! I'm so honored to be tagged! I'll get right on that...totally not regretting giving you my blog address! :)

  3. I want your Mom's waffle brownie recipe! That sounds bizarrely appealing!

    And you're an artist? That is just so cool. I'd like to know more about that!

  4. Mmm, same here. The waffles sound good. It's lunchtime; I'm getting hungry :-)

  5. Love waffle brownies, and the kids get a kick out of making them. Fun answers.

  6. Yeah, I'd like to organize my house in the next five years. I'd also like to fly. Both are about as likely to happen . . .sigh. . .


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