#54 - Change

My iGoogle page just changed in the blink of an eye. One minute it looked one way. I clicked on a link and then it looked another way. I liked it the old way.

So, did I hit the wrong button and my settings got changed? If so, I just have to find that same magic button and change it back. Or, did Google just decide to change the way their page looks, wrote new code, and implemented it recently?

The point is, I liked the way things were and I want them back that way. I don't like when things change.

Is it possible that I will come to like this new way? Maybe like it better than before? I'd have to say yes. Anything is possible.

Of course, this applies to things that are way more important than my iGoogle page. Ward boundary changes, for example. That's something that affects my life more directly. But, it still pales in comparison to moving to a new state where you know no one. Moving to a country where you don't know the language. All of those things, in turn, pale in comparison to the death of a loved one.

But, big or small, the only constant in life is change. How do you deal with it? How do you roll with the punches? If you could go back, or change things back to the way they were, would you do it? Or maybe, more importantly, /should/ you do it?

I have a source who shall remain anonymous who says that there are two kinds of people: Those who wallow in the misery of their circumstances, and those who do everything they can to change their circumstances. But I say, isn't there another kind of person? Are there people who learn to find joy in their circumstances, whatever they are? If so, how do they do it? Has anyone found a secret?

With all that said, though, I'd really like to get my iGoogle back to the way it was. LOL. Does anyone who uses it know what's going on? Was the format of your iGoogle page changed today as well?


  1. ITA that there is a third type of person who learns to find joy in their circumstances, whether new or old, good or bad. The "bloom where you're planted" philosophy.

    Nothing in my life, with the possible exception of the last three years has gone the 'normal' way, the prescribed way a persons life is supposed to go. Change has truly been a constant--more like violent upheaval, rather.

    And if I didn't choose to find a way to survive with a decent attitude, even a happy attitude, then I would have been miserable ... maybe I'd even be dead.

    I'm a firm beleiver in blooming where you're planted.

    And I know nothing at all about iGoogle! Sorry!

  2. My friend said something about google changing, but mine didn't. Let me go look and see if I can find what she said.

  3. I think anyone can see this link. She didn't say how to fix it though...I have the firefox toolbar for google and it has my mail right in it, so I lucked out and mine didn't get switcherooed.

  4. Oops, here's the link! Talk about a lotta comments! Sorry!


  5. Sadly, this just happened recently with my Facebook. I can't find my wall to write to people anymore! It's such a pain. I'm like you - I like to learn something one way and just stick with it. Don't change it on me without sending a complete learner's manual first! :)


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