#69 - Victory, Sweet Victory!

Okay, that's the blog title I should have saved for when I actually meet my goal to write 30,000 words this month. :D But, it's how I feel right now, having actually exceeded my daily goal for the first time. I feel like things are starting to flow a little better now.

I experienced something last night that has happened to me a few times before. I wrote something random, just because I'm trying to write words and I didn't know what else to write about. And it wasn't until after I wrote it that I figured out how absolutely perfect it is for a curveball to throw at my heroine! Anyone who reads this book will think this was a major part of my plot from the beginning because it works so perfectly.

Sorry, though. No spoilers. You'll just have to buy the book. (Or publish it, if there are any editors out there reading . . . anyone?) :)

Anyway, I'm writing strong and feeling good. Let's cross our fingers that things stay this way.


  1. AWESOME!!! And I'm lucky because I'll get to read it? Right???


  2. Of course /you/ get to read it! :D


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