#78 - LDS Storymakers Rocks

I'm not sure if that should be "rock" or "rocks." Is "LDS Storymakers" singular or plural? I could say, "The LDS Storymakers Rock!" I'm pretty sure that would be right . . . Maybe I should buy Annette Lyon's new book? I'm sure she'd know. :o)

Over the weekend, I went to the LDS Storymakers annual conference. Best thing I ever did. Aside from some other great things I've done. It is doubtful that there is any writing conference on the planet that is more fun, wacky, zany, and awesome than this one. I've already booked my hotel room for next year. ;o)

Anyway . . . I've been feeling very blah about my writing lately. I took on Tristi's Book in a Month challenge and have only written . . . well . . . you can see how pathetic the number is in the sidebar there. I'm too embarrassed to say it out loud. Then I decided to take on Elana's Writing Throwdown. Haven't been back to the website since I signed up.

I've been so frustrated and bored and ambivalent and discouraged.

But the LDS Storymakers rock. They know how to put on a conference and they know how to do it in style. There was inspiration, encouragement, advice, instructions, and a whole lot more. Including men in drag, music videos, a totally rockin' skit (that I wrote and had a cameo appearance in to boot), and fun at every turn.

And then, on top of all that, there was Ali. She put up with me for two days and two nights as my roomie. (By the way, sorry to all those who slept within a 6-room radius of us those two nights. We knew we were laughing too loud, but, well, I'm afraid we didn't care enough about you guys to stop talking and go to sleep.) :-D If the Storymakers Rock, then Ali Rocks times 12. She's my new BFF, and even though she's guaranteed to get published before me, I'm gonna be nothing but 9 kinds of happy for her.

I have signed in blood a contract to finish the first draft of Stolen Dreams before writing even one more word on any of my other projects. Part of how I'm going to accomplish this is by working on a Character Bible for each of my characters. (Thank you Mr. Savage for your excellent class on how to do this!) I'd forgotten why I was so passionate about this book, and I think that's why I've been having such a hard time. If I flesh out my characters and make them come alive (not just for the reader, but for me, too), I think the book will pretty much write itself from here on out.

I wish I could name names of all the awesome people I met and associated with at the conference. But we don't have all day, and I'm afraid if I tried to do that, I'd leave someone out. Because I'm spacey like that.

But I will drop one name. Julie Wright is my hero, and if you haven't read her books, well . . . do. My Not-So-Fairy-Tale Life is wicked awesome. I can't wait for her new book that's coming out in July. If anyone has worked harder and deserves success more, I don't know them. :o) Julie has been a great friend to me ever since I met her four years ago. I'd like to think it's just because I'm so special ;o) but really, Julie is just a great friend to everyone she knows. If you're reading this, stop blushing and just admit it. You rock.

Well, I'm off to become a best-seller. Ciao.


  1. That sounds like such a blast! I remember you mentioning it to me and I wasn't sure if I should go or not since I was only barely in my very first draft and I wasn't writing a LDS book. But it sounds like such a good shot in the arm - super-motivating. Maybe I'll actually go next year...

    Right now I've kind of lost my groove (my husband's working overtime, so my writing time has been all messed up) and really need to get back into the swing of things. BTW, what's the character Bible? I need to get to know my characters better and this sounds interesting.

  2. I was glad to say Hi to you at the conference. It was a blast wasn't it? Hope you get your MS finished.

    Michelle Jefferies

  3. It was a great conference! No matter how you pluralize it. :) I'm excited to see you there next year, with a completed book in hand, right?

  4. I want to be part of that contract too and see you in print! Good luck. I posted a review about the Scrapbox on my blog, if you’d like to see a pic, come visit!

  5. I had to share this too!
    I posted info about my new Ribbon Box on my blog, it’s so neat! If you’d like to see details, please stop by!


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