Contest Winner

Hi everyone! I ran a contest last week and promised the winner would receive a copy of Achieving Your Life Mission by Randal A. Wright.

Well, the results are in. :o)
I put all the entrants' names in a bowl . . .

Pulled one out . . .

And . . .

Congratulations Stephanie! I hope you enjoy your prize.

And for everyone, just another gentle reminder to figure out what your life mission is, and then go to work putting in the hours it takes to be able to fulfill that mission to the fullest.


  1. Congratulations Stephanie! (Condolences, me.) I'm eager to get my hands on that book after everything Ali Cross has said about it. Loved your advice at the end.

  2. Darn! I was really hoping.... Ah, well, I just won a mini-photo session from a friend, so I guess I can't win them all!

    I didn't realize you had so many books going, Jenn! How do you keep all your story ideas straight? Miss you!

  3. Yay for Stephanie! It's truly an AWESOME book!



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