New Blog Name!

In the beginning, I thought the internet was a scary place and that I needed to be anonymous if I was going to be out here in it. In fact, I still think that to a degree, which is why I won't be posting pictures of my kids on this blog or talking about where they go to school and what time their after-school activity lets out.

On the other hand, I'm realizing that I need to get my name out there if I want to sell my books when they get published. And I'm thinking that people are going to have a hard time going into their local Barnes and Noble and asking if they can buy the new book by that "Confessions of a Lifelong Bookworm" lady.

I decided I wanted to have my blog actually be my name, but with a name like Jenn, you can imagine I was a little doubtful that it would be available. Lucky for me, all the other Jenn Wilkses out there have chosen cutesy names like I did, and I was able to snatch it up. And extra lucky for me, I didn't have to create a whole new blog like I thought I would and lose all my awesome followers in the process - I could just choose a new name and here I am. So if you follow me, I'll still show up in your blogroll like always. But if you use a link, you'll need to update it to

I'll be blogging more regularly, so if you want to keep up, go ahead and "follow" me if you don't already - see the little "followers" button on the side there? A little down, a little down . . . There! And while you're at it, leave me a comment and let me know how you feel about internet privacy - Are you anonymous? Do you just put it all out there? Or are you somewhere in the middle, like me?


  1. When I first started I was going to name my blog something and my husband told me you're trying to sell you, so just name it after you and I'm glad I did. It's much easier to find people's blogs if they name with their names. Good decision.

  2. YAY for being, um, UNanonymous!!

  3. Your blog looks like fun! I like your To Do list at the top. And I'm really glad your son likes the bracelet :)

  4. I'm somewhere in the middle, too. I don't post pictures of my kids, either, and while I like to talk about my other interests on my blog occasionally, I try to spend most of my time on book and writing stuff.

    I'll probably start using my full last name instead of just my initial if/when I land an agent, but until then, I kind of like feeling like a spy:) (Plus, there were never many Kristas in my elementary, so I never got to be Krista V. growing up, always just Krista. As much as I like being my own person, there's something very lyrical about that last initial.)

  5. Somewhere in the middle. I don't like posting pictures of my kids where you can see their faces, but have posted a halloween pic or two. I don't use their real names on my blog either. But I live a public life for myself. It's all very vexing to balance it :)

  6. Patti - Thanks for stopping by! And for the great "You Wrote HOW Much" challenge.

    Taffy - Aww, thanks! I need all the encouragement I can get. :o)

    Ali - Unanonymous? I like it. And I love that you made up a cool new word just for me!

    Cheri - I'm glad my to-do list brings you joy. :o) I smile every time I see it.

    Krista - I'm totally with you. I love the way Krista V. sounds. Very spyish. Very hip.

    Julie - I love that you used the word "vexing," first of all. Secondly, I agree that it's a difficult challenge, and I never know if I'm doing it right.


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