Writing as Therapy

I'm writing two completely different, opposite books right now. I feel like writing them has been therapeutic for me. I will sometimes decide which book to work on based on my current mood.

See, I'm going through a divorce right now, and I'm working through the stages of grief as I mourn the loss of my almost two-decades-long relationship. When I'm feeling bitter or angry or frustrated, I work on the book I'm calling an anti-romance, where the MC starts out married and ends up happily divorced. When I'm feeling hopeful about the future and accepting of my divorce and excited about the idea of getting to date when it's all over, I work on a sweet little romance. I've never written romance before, and it's proving be quite fun.

So, tell me: have you ever written as therapy before? Does it make your writing better, or does it end up unpublishable, but still worth it in its own right? Or has your experience been something else altogether?

Also, thanks to Renae at http://www.renaeswritespot.blogspot.com for featuring me on her blog today!

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