#7 - Not Submitting

I haven't sent any manuscripts out in months.

I have a children's book I sent out to almost a dozen agents and I've watched their rejection letters trickle back in over several months. I kept saying that I would send it to book publishers if I didn't get anything going with an agent, but there's still one rejection slip that never came back.

I should just get on with sending my manuscript out to some of the book publishers I had in mind. I'd like to get that done soon.

Besides that, I haven't done much writing lately either. I haven't worked on my book at all in the last few weeks, although I have started a new book for children and I've written some poetry and song lyrics.

To tell the truth, I've discovered lately that there are more important things than my writing. As important as it is to me, my health and the health of my family are much more important. I need to remember to keep everything in its proper place in my life. Then I think my writing will really flourish.

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  1. Aren't rejections a bear? Nothing squashes the happiness out of you like a rejection. Talk about the Dementors ... :)


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