#8 - A Brag

I'm going to use this blog for other purposes than confessing my shortcomings. For instance, today I'm going to brag.

I sent one of my children's books manuscripts off to 7 publishers today.

One of the agents I sent this to actually replied with a personalized rejection, stating that on the one hand my work had merit (hooray!!!) but on the other hand, it wasn't "fresh" enough and I needed to find a way to make the rhyming work without torturing the English language. (ouch!)

It's gone through several re-writes and I'm very happy with it the way it is right now. I'm crossing my fingers hoping at least one of them sees the merit now that the English language is a little less tortured.

Let's hope some future Confession will be a celebration of my soon-to-be-published picture book. :)


  1. Good luck. I hope you find the person who will appreciate it.

  2. Jennifer,
    Good for you! Way to go! Hopefully you'll get a positive response in the form of a big, fat contract.


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