#12 - Tagged

I was tagged again, this time by Andi so here are my answers . . .

4 jobs I've had...
Newspaper Delivery Girl
Dairy Queen Counter Person and Ice Cream Maker
Village Inn Hostess
Icing Decorator at a Candy Factory

4 movies I could watch over and over...
Ever After with Drew Barrymore
Singin' In The Rain
Back to the Future
Somewhere In Time

4 places I have lived...
Orem, Utah
Provo, Utah
American Fork, Utah
Lehi, Utah
Wow, that makes for a boring list. Sorry! :D

4 favorite television shows...
Everybody Loves Raymond
Clean Sweep
Dr. Phil

4 places I've been...
The Nauvoo Temple
Victoria, B.C.
Friday Harbor (on an island off the Washington Coast)
On a road trip from Utah County, Utah, all the way across the country to North Carolina and West Virginia, and back again

4 favorite foods...
Ice Cream
Sweet & Sour Chicken

4 websites I check often...
Local library catalogs
My kids' school website
http://www.rachaelrayshow.com/ for the recipes

4 hobbies...
Playing the Piano

4 people I tag...
I'm going to break from convention and tag no one! I have no idea how many people have been tagged on this particular one and I'm too tired to think about it right now. :P


  1. I love Somewhere in Time! I could watch that one over and over too. :) Great lists!

    BTW, I would love to do a road trip like that someday. I would rent an RV and drive with my family all over the entire country. If I could wing it, I would visit every state. :)


  2. I love Singing in the Rain, it's one of my favorite movies.

    I just found your blog from Karen Hoover's. Thought I'd drop by and mention two or three things:

    1. Please drop by my blog and join the LDS Blog Webring. We'd love to have you come aboard.

    2. I'll admit it, I ripped this idea off the JustaBeachKat blog. But every woman blogger in my area of the country (Utah), within driving distance, let's get together for lunch? How fun would that be . . . it will be the first meeting of the Utah Chapter of BEAUTIFUL BABBLING BOISTEROUS BLOGGING BABES. Email me and let's talk!

    3. Yesterday I posted a contest on my blog. Here are the deets:

    "Okay, I'll admit it. Anne Bradshaw over at Not Entirely British did a really good thing and I am shamelessly borrowing from her idea of spotlighting the most amazing youth in the world. I think it is incredible what she has done and the youth that are the finalists in her contest are truly amazing. If you haven't gone to her blog yet, read about them and vote, you're going to want to do that as soon as you're done reading mine, submitting a nomination and generally recognizing that I'm the greatest blogger to ever walk the earth . . . all right, all right, you don't have to do that last part. As long as it exists in my mind I'm okay with that.

    Announcing the Best Husband in the World Contest -- please check out my blog today."

    Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, right?

  3. Jennifer,
    I agree with Candace ... you can't beat "Singing in the Rain"!

    It was nice to learn more about you.


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