#32 - Critique Group

I'm now part of a critique group.

Part of me has been longing to join a critique group for a long time now, and part of me was scared. As the date approached for our group to meet, I just about backed out. I can't really say what I was so scared of. It's not like I've never had my work read and critiqued before. I attended a class called "Boot Camp" at the last two LDStorymaker conferences where we all go around to different tables, read each other's work, and critique it.

I guess it was just the commitment of knowing the same people would be reading my work over and over that freaked me out. It wasn't just some random strangers who would change tables in 20 minutes and I wouldn't have to worry so much what they thought of me or my writing.

So, last night, our group met for the first time. I just have to say that it was awesome! If there are any writers out there who aren't part of a critique group, I'd strongly encourage you to get into one. It was so fun to read each other's work and have them critique my work.

Plus, I feel like this is going to help motivate me to stay on task and keep writing. Knowing that I'm going to have to meet with them in 2 weeks and have something more to show them is putting a fire under my derrière. After we introduced ourselves and I had to admit I've started a few different books and never finished one, they told me one of their goals is going to be to help me finish a book. I'll keep you updated on how that goes.


  1. How great! I am jealous. I wish I had people around here I could have a critique group with. Enjoy it for me!


  2. Glad to hear you found a critique group, and kept your nerve long enough to go. Honest feedback from others is so important.

    I'm at a point where I need to put some effort into finding a critique group as well. I read Andi's comment about wanting to find people, then got all excited when I saw Dallas mentioned on her blog. But alas - she was only visiting. (sigh)

  3. good for you I am gald that you are enjoying critique group.also I would like to envite you to my blog so will you please send me your email address my email is a.hjensen@yaoo.com

  4. Way to go Jen,
    I would be so afraid to join a group like that! Sounds like it is going to be great for you! I hope you continue to love it and that it helps keep you focused!

  5. That's really awesome. It will change your writing life! It certainly changed mine.

  6. That's so great! You're going to love it and everyone will improve their writing! Good luck.


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