# 43 - The Cause of Colic

I've discovered the cause of colic.

The bad news is, there is no cure. But, if one understands the cause, it can make the problem a little better, at least.

See, the thing that causes colic is homesickness. A baby is born, and they're filled with hope for their new life on earth. They're excited about having a body. And then, after a few weeks goes by and the reality of how long and hard this life is actually going to be sinks in, they get homesick.

I wrote a poem the other day about that homesickness and I'm going to share it here.


I'm not crying because I'm hungry
Or cold or wet or overstimulated.

No, right now I'm just crying
Because I miss heaven.

Don't get me wrong -
I love you and daddy and my home here.

But I miss my old friends
Who I just said good-bye to.

You see, I lived in heaven
For a very long time

And it was beautiful and lovely
And there was no pain.

I knew this life
Would be hard.

I knew there would be pain
And sadness and fear.

But now that I'm here,
I'm a little scared.

Pain is more painful
Than I expected.

They told me this life would be
Like the blink of an eye

Compared to my life in heaven
And all of the eternities.

But so far, I've been stuck for weeks
In this infant body

And the end
Is nowhere in sight.

So if I'm crying
And you can't seem to fix it

No matter how hard you try,
No matter how hard I cry,

Just hold me in your arms
And tell me it'll all be okay

And let me cry and mourn
For my home back in heaven.



  1. Wow -- I'd never thought of that, but the next time I'm faced with a colicky baby, I'll remember that and try not to burst into tears myself! But then, I miss heaven too.

  2. Jennifer, I read this a few days ago and keep thinking about it. I love your poem. It makes me homesick for heaven.
    Did you hear this idea from someone else?

  3. Stephanie, a friend and I used to go have craniosacral work from a lady in Provo. (her name was Heidi, ironically) :) Anyway, my friend took her baby to her because she (or he - I can't remember which one of her children it was now) was having some issues. Heidi said that one of her issues was that she missed some of her friends from heaven.

    That really resonated with me and I immediately knew I missed heaven, too. I don't know if it's friends or what part of it I miss, but I know that my spirit is terribly homesick and always has been.

    I was a colicky baby too, and I don't know if that's why I cried so much or not, but I have thought about it a lot since Heidi told my friend her child missed her friends from heaven.

    I know a lot of people love this life, they want to live as long as possible, and are afraid of dying, but I can honestly say that apart from going through whatever pain I'm going to have to feel when I die, I'm not afraid at all to die. It will be a million times more joyful than coming home from summer camp. :)


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