#41 - Book Review

I want to write a book review, but I'm only on page 27.

The book is The Holy Secret by James L. Ferrell

First of all, I have to out myself as an Arbinger Institute junkie. I've been trying to process their writings since Bonds That Make Us Free was just a bound manuscript called, "Bonds of Anger, Bonds of Love." They've also written another book called The Anatomy of Peace, which is also great.

James L. Ferrell is the managing director of the Institute, and is also the author of The Peacegiver, one of my all-time favorite books. I actually have two copies on the shelf - one to lend out to friends and family, and the other to keep in case I don't get the extra back. :)

So, when I saw "The Holy Secret" in the bookstore, I bought it without a second thought. Now, only 27 pages into the book, insights are opening up all over the place. For instance, does anybody not know the scriptures, "I, Nephi, having been born of goodly parents..." or "My father dwelt in a tent"? I've had those two pretty much memorized since I was a teenager. But just now, I saw them in whole new ways.

The very beginning of the book didn't draw me right in, and I kept going, just holding on to hope that Ferrell wouldn't let me down. So when you start reading, don't put it down if the story doesn't immediately grab you.

Of course, coming from a person who's only read 27 pages, you can take all of this with a grain of salt. But you can't ignore my advice to read "The Peacegiver," "The Anatomy of Peace," and "Bonds That Make Us Free". Those are all excellent books and I hope all of you go out and get them today. And I'll be back here soon to write a proper review of The Holy Secret.

Happy reading. :)

Post Edited to Add:

Sorry, I never did do a full book review of this book. I did end up really loving the book and I felt like I learned a lot of things about how to study the scriptures, worship on the Sabbath day, and learn from the temple ceremony.

But, having said that, I felt that the book turned to a different focus throughout the book. Instead of teaching us how to learn from those things, I felt that he started teaching us what we should be learning from them. It has been a while since I finished the book and I'm sorry I neglected to come right back here and write my impressions. I just didn't do it because I wasn't sure at that point what to write. But now, I can't remember what I wanted to write! I guess either way, I lose. :D

I did still really like the book and I learned a lot from it. I just wasn't quite as excited about it by the end, and the above thoughts are the only real reason I can think of as to why that was the case.


  1. You know me, an Arbinger junkie too! Bonds that Make Us Free and the Peacegiver are my two favorite books.

    I am about two chapters into the Holy Secret myself! Great minds think alike. In fact, we're heading on a trip to Utah tomorrow (did you get my email?) and we're going to read the book together on our drive down. It's not that long, so I've been trying to think of another book we can read after that one, and your post inspired me to go grab my Bonds book. I think it's time for a re-read. We could really use the great insight in that book right now. I hope I get to see you next week. Let me know if you'll be around!

  2. Hello Jennifer and Melaine

    I came on this site white searching for Arbinger...I live in Bangalore / India and learnt about them only last year..

    If you have read Anatomy of Peace or any of the other Arbinger books, you will enjoy the company of other Arbinger 'junkies'.. at http://arbingercommunity.ning.com. This website has been setup by the good folks at Arbinger since Dec 2007.

    I am fortunate to know the Arbinger material since last year.. and its been wonderful to get out of those boxes... :0)

    Hope you can enjoy the company of other people trying to implement some of these ideas in their lives..


  3. You'll have to give a full book review when you're done - I saw this the other day and thought about buying it, but didn't. Maybe I'll check it out after all...


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