#60 - My First Blog Award

So, can you believe I received a blog award for the first time and I haven't posted about it yet??? That just shows you how much I'm working on my book! (Or reading while eating big marshmallows. Between the two, my time is completely monopolized.)

So . . . Drumroll . . .

Elana "Hearts" my blog!!

Thank you Elana! I "heart" your blog too! :)

So, my first role as, um . . . whatever I am now, is to award five more people with this prestigious award.

It was difficult to choose. So many great blogs, so few awards to give out! But, choose I must, and so, the envelope please...

First of all, no awards ceremony would be complete without an award being given to Janette Rallison's Blog. Janette is an awesome author and you should check her books out, too! You can often find Janette at her blog, lamenting over things like what to call her next blockbuster book. :D I "Heart" your blog Janette! :)

Another blog that I just "Heart" is Queen of the Clan. Danyelle is a fellow writer, and a fellow queen of her castle. She blogs about a mix of topics - life, laughter, love, and how to make a thankful tree, specifically. :D

Next, maybe No One Suspects The Butterfly, but I would suspect Heather of being a person who can write a great blog! She has a lot of insights and I love to read it. I "Heart" your blog, Heather!

My favorite Girl in a Whirl, Ali, can write a pretty mean blog, too. I "Heart" your blog, Ali! You always have such great insights.

And, last but certainly not least, I "Heart" a Green-Eyed Frog. Wait, that didn't come out right. But, anyway, Kim has posted some amazing photos she's taken with a macro camera lens. I love checking it out to see what new pic she's put up.

So, that about wraps it up, I think. I'd like to thank my internet service provider, blogger.com, and, most of all, my dear hubby for working so hard so I can afford to stay at home. Otherwise, I never could have put in the time and effort it took to win this award.

Thank you everyone! :D


  1. Ahh, thanks! I'm glad you heart my blog!

  2. LOL! I love the ending of your post! :) Thank you for the award!!!

  3. I'm blushing! Thanks for the award! I'm totally flattered, especially since I really respect what you always have to say!


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