#61 - NaNo Update

As many of you know, I'm not doing an official NaNo challenge this year. I have another book I /have/ to finish. But I'm trying to use NaNo as a motivator in finishing that book.

And I've written over 18,000 words!

I don't know if I'll win NaNo this year, but if I can write "The End" on a book I've been working on for a decade, even if I don't finish it until Christmas, I'll definitely count myself as a winner.

Right now, my total novel is over 38,000 words. That doesn't count the scenes I've written but haven't added back in to this "final first" draft.

I'll report back in later in the month to let you know how I'm coming along. Maybe I'll make a major push over this last week to see what I can really do. I would have to write 4500 words per day to make it. Hmmm. Technically, I know I could do it, but realistically . . . I'll do my best. :D


  1. Awesome Jennifer! I crested 40 K this weekend. I think I'm gonna make the 50 K! Keep pushing to get your first draft done (even after 10 years) *wink*

  2. Congrats, Jen. That's awesome! You go girl!!!


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