#64 - The Christmas Spirit

I have to confess I haven't felt much of the Christmas Spirit this holiday season. I don't think I've ever been more unprepared for Christmas as I was this year, and as I look back on this week, I don't think I really felt like it was the special time of year it's supposed to be. Thursday seemed like a pretty average day, except we happened to spend it opening a lot of presents.

I spent all of Christmas Eve shopping and wrapping presents, and I really regret not having everything ready ahead of time so I could spend the day with my family, reading the Christmas story, and feeling the spirit and awe that is what makes Christmas special.

I hope it's not entirely too late for us this year. My kids had a "Night Before Christmas" play they wanted to perform for us on Christmas Eve, and I'm going to see if they'll do it for us tomorrow instead. Maybe we can still cozy up around the Christmas tree and read from the book of Luke and fill the special stocking we have for Jesus with things we are going to do for Him this year.

We also have a Christmas celebration on Tuesday with my family, and it will be the first time in a lot of years when all of my family has been together at once. Now that only one of my brothers is in the military, it's a little easier to find a way to all be together, and I'm excited for that reunion.

So, although Christmas may officially be over, our Christmas will continue for a few more days, and hopefully I can feel a full measure of the Christmas Spirit by this time next week.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, and I wish you all the best with the coming new year.

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  1. Surprisingly, almost everyone I talk to says the same. None of us felt very festive this year...it's like Christmas just failed to work it's magic. Hopefully it'll sort itself out by next year.

    But Merry Christmas anyway!


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