Writing Science Fiction

I'm writing a Sci-Fi story set in the year 2190. It's been so much fun to work on because, really, almost anything goes.

Right now, the story is quite technology-driven. In building my world, I'm constantly asking myself how today's technology might evolve throughout all those years. What will cars be like? What will fashions be like? Etc.

So when I get an idea of, say, the transportation system, I have to make my characters go somewhere so I can write about it. In order to make it really interesting, though, they have to be going somewhere important. It has to move the story forward. As I'm writing, I know my critique group is going to nail me if they're just going on a joyride for no real reason.

So far, between the basic story idea I have, the rough synopsis I was forced to write last year, and the technology I've been able to come up with, I've managed to push the story through to a certain point. But I keep getting stuck. What's going to happen next? How exactly is this all going to work out?

So, at LTUE this past weekend, I got some more ideas, and I'm fleshing more story out with even more detail and cool extrapolation of what the world will be like so far in the future. Unfortunately, I still don't really know what's supposed to /happen./ This has always been my biggest problem in writing.

Any ideas? :o)


  1. I'm so glad you got some ideas Jenn! I wish I could help you out. I loved Dan Well's presentation. It helped me a ton with the outlining.

  2. I've been mulling over some of these same things for one of my WIPs. Glad to hear about your progress and it was great to see you at LTUE!

  3. Hello, I was just Blog-Hopping and ran across your blog. Very well written!



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