Blog Contest!

It's not my contest, it's my friend Elana's. But it's so fabulous, I just had to share.

Okay, so that's not exactly true. I agonized. Do I share the news and risk others reading my blog and entering and lowering my chances of winning? Or do I keep it to myself and lose 5 points toward my entry?

In the end, I decided to take the 5 points to better my chances of winning. :-D

The reason this contest is so fabulous is because if you're among the top 5 winners, a real live literary agent will read your query letter and review it on their blog.

I know!

So, hop on over to Elana's blog, and enter to win. Oh, and you could also possibly win a free copy of Elana's ebook, From the Query to the Call, or even -- and maybe I should have said this first because it's so rad -- some huge post-it notes!

And if you don't win, go ahead and buy Elana's book anyway. It's a great book, and your purchase also buys you a free query review from the master queryer herself, the fabulous Elana Johnson.


  1. Jenn, thanks for the linkage. You are awesome.

  2. Elana's contest looks great! Thanks for the info.

  3. I followed you over from another blog. I've been known to blog stalk other writers and readers and I have to say that I am in awe of you and all of your WIPs. :)

  4. Tiffany, you'd be in a little less awe if you knew what a mess they all were. ;o) But if there's one thing you can say for me, it's that I have no shortage of ideas. :o) I have to rein myself in constantly from starting more WiP's - I have to start finishing some! LOL.

  5. I hope you win Elana's contest, Jenn, truly I do!

  6. Hey Look! I found you :) (it's paulette) Sweet.

  7. I just gave you an award on my blog! Come check it out. :)

  8. I don't really get it. Can you explain more, cuz when i open the web it doesnt showed...
    BTW, mind to link exchange with me?


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