Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately. I even missed Wednesday's WiP check-in last week. I'll have to make up for it tomorrow. I haven't been writing much lately, either, though. I hope I can get something done tonight so I'll have something to report on.

But part of my excuse reason for being such a slacker is that my first triathlon is coming up this weekend and I've been stressing training a lot lately.

It's a "sprint" distance tri, which is kind of funny because nothing I will be doing the ENTIRE time will even closely resemble a sprint, and it will probably take me in the neighborhood of an hour and a half to complete. But, nonetheless, I'm pretty confident in my ability to at least complete the triathlon. Then I'll probably be laid up in bed unable to walk for a week, in which time I will surely be able to get some writing done! :-D


  1. I'm impressed. I can run and cycle, but forget swimming.

    Good luck!

  2. Good luck at the triathlon Jenn!

  3. My husband did one of those. I'm so impressed you're doing this on top of your writing!! Good luck.

  4. Hey Jenn, So how'd you do? You obviously survived the sprint. Did you have fun? LOL


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