Women of the Book of Mormon - Book Review

I've loved reading all of Heather B. Moore's books about the characters in the Book of Mormon. She really has a way of making them come to life. So I was excited to see that she was publishing a book specifically about the women in the Book of Mormon.

Women of the Book of Mormon: Insights & Inspirations is a beautiful gift-quality hardcover book with full-page illustrations at the beginning of every chapter. Moore teaches us about all of the women who feature prominently in the Book of Mormon, both those who are named, such as Sariah, and those who are only referred to in groups, such as the mothers of the two thousand stripling warriors. She paints these women in vivid detail, explaining the culture they lived in and the social customs that would have influenced their choices and responses to the events happening around them.

I really enjoyed reading this little book, so much so that even though I had already read it, I bought an extra copy to have on hand. I definitely recommend this book for anyone who has an interest in learning more about these great women. It's a quick read, but packed with good and interesting information.

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