Finding Rose - Book Review and Giveaway

I recently had the opportunity to read Finding Rose by debut author Stephanie Humphreys. Finding Rose is an LDS romance set in the early 1900's.

Rose is a young woman who is about to be uprooted from her home and taken to Canada with her family, who have been called to go there by the prophet.

Miles is a new convert to the church, a friend of Rose's brother Sean, and a new doctor, returning soon to Montana to start his own practice.

I found both of the main characters likeable. There were moments where I didn't feel they acted in character, but I did find them sympathetic, and I rooted for both of them throughout the book

I also felt Humphreys did a good job of introducing new conflicts and keeping me guessing about what would come next, even if the ultimate outcome was predictable. Understandably so, given the genre, of course.

As much as I enjoyed the book, I was a little disappointed in the quality of the editing. The narrative felt choppy at times, and as a writer, I had to keep re-focusing on the story instead of going into critique mode. The story itself was sweet, though, and I did enjoy reading it.

Overall, I thought Finding Rose was a nice, clean romance, I loved the historical setting and details, and I would recommend it to people who enjoy the historical romance genre.

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  1. I appreciate your honest review. I'll have to check it out. =]

  2. Very nice review, Jenn. I love Stephanie and am excited for her to have her book out (finally). I appreciate, too, knowing where the book might have fallen short of your expectations, because then i know to set my critiquing hat squarely on the tree in the hall so I can relax and just enjoy the story.

    I'd love to read it!

  3. Thanks for the review--love that it contains both positive and negative points. I am looking forward to reading this one.

  4. One of the better reviews I've read in a while. I think this sounds interesting and would love to give it a try.

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  5. I think this sounds like such an awesome book.

  6. My ancestors had to leave a comfy situation to go settle elsewhere, so this makes me want to read Finding Rose even more! AT gmail DOT com


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