Fourth Day of Thanksgiving

As I'm lying in bed, snuggled deep in the warm covers, typing this post on my iPhone, I can't help but be grateful for all the modern conveniences I enjoy.

Allow me to make a short list of the absolute luxuries I take for granted every day because of the simple fact that everyone around me has them, too:

* indoor plumbing
* climate control year-round via forced-air heating and central air conditioning
* electricity
* a grocery store near enough that I can drop by whenever I want and buy all the food my family needs
* a reliable car that can take me to said grocery store - and anywhere else I need to go, for that matter
* dishwasher
* washing machine and clothes dryer

I could go on and on, but this is the short list, after all.

How often do we take these blessings for granted? Every one of these things is outrageously amazing by itself; all of them together . . . I don't even have the words to describe how lucky I am to be living in a time like this where such luxuries are found in such abundance.

What are some of the things you take for granted every day that are really worth a large dose of gratitude?

If you missed it, click here to read about the Twelve Days of Thanksgiving posts I'm going to be doing from now until Thanksgiving Day.


  1. Oh sheesh. In grad school, I lived in a place that didn't have A/C, had a radiator system for heat, no dishwasher, no garbage disposal, etc. Thank heaven for these modern conveniences. I'll never take them for granted again.

    Oh, and electrical outlets in good amounts. That's another thing not to take for granted.

  2. Holy cow, yes. Indoor plumbing has got to be the best thing ever invented. Next to bacon. ;-)


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