The Dreaded Schedule

Do you hear the spooky Halloween music in the background? You should. Because today I'm talking about scheduling

I'll just put it out there: I hate schedules. I hate being hemmed in by them. I hate feeling like I'm always behind.

On the other hand, I love the IDEA of a schedule. I'd love looking at the clock and saying, "Oh, Johnny, dear, look, it's eleven o'clock. Time to read stories . . . and now it's eleven thirty, so we're going to eat lunch now . . . oh, look, it's twelve o'clock. Naptime!"

Doesn't it sound like such fun? Maybe some of you are even living the dream.

For me, though, this is how it goes: "Oh, crap! It's eleven forty-five and I've totally blown an hour reading reviews on Goodreads, and now we've completely missed reading time, and lunch time is practically over and what the heck am I going to even make, and I can't even work in this kitchen because I skipped cleaning-the-countertop-time in favor of reading just one more (and then one more) chapter of that book I can't put down, and now it's way past naptime, and Johnny is fighting me tooth and nail because he hates taking a nap!"

Do you see why the scary music cues at the mention of the word schedule?

However! (This is the big BUT you've been waiting for.)

I'm finding that just a bit of scheduling here and there is actually serving me well. As I mentioned on Wednesday, I write while my daughter is in preschool. And that's working for me.

And now, I'm also setting up a schedule for my blog. I keep hearing about the need to blog often, and to blog on a schedule, but I screamed and got in the fetal position every time the word was uttered. Now, though, I feel good about it. Because my good friend Elana has finally convinced me that I can write my posts whenever I want (hallelujah!) and schedule them to post at the days and times I want them to go live.

Hmmm. Maybe I should just scratch this post and say:

"Hey, guys! I'm such a disciplined, scheduled person, that I'm going to get up every Mon, Wed, and Fri morning and post a new blog for you to read at 8 a.m. Mountain Time. Sharp."

The problem is, no one who even remotely knows me would believe it!

So, how about you? Do you blog on a schedule? Write on a schedule? Live on a schedule? Or do you duck and cover at the mention of the "S" word?


  1. I try to do a schedule. Mostly I post late at night on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

    Like you, more often than not, I look at the clock and panic that I'm late.

  2. I often times don't have a schedule if I can get away with it, which hardly ever happens. It's a constant balancing act, and I hear it doesn't get any easier after publication. Awesome post. It got me thinking. Maybe I should better schedule my writing time. Thanks for the thought!

  3. I'm a schedule freak. The blogs aren't so much, though, because in theory I will write them all on Saturday, but in reality I usually don't get the time to do it. Except for blogging, I'm all over the schedule thing. Good luck!

  4. LOL @ Valerie. 'Nuf said, right?

    Patti, I've decided it's more about trying to do it than it is doing it perfectly. It sounds like you're right on track.

    David, I'm glad I could help. I've heard that same thing about it not getting easier after publication. In some ways, I think it gets even harder. Good luck to you!

    Jaime, good for you on being so schedually on track. (or something.) :o) I know what you mean about not having time - even when I schedule it in, I don't have time. LOL. Have a good one.


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