Down to the Basics

This isn't writing-related. At least, not technically, though you know me - I can turn anything into a writing metaphor if given enough time.

No, this is about music. I've always loved music. I've learned to play 5 different instruments over the years, sung in the choir (and in my car and shower), and have put all my kids in music lessons.

By far, my favorite music teaching tool ever, though, is called Let's Play Music, and it's all about teaching young children the basics in very fun, accessible ways. Instead of droning on about how a note high on a staff makes a higher sound than a note low on the staff, they sing a fun song about a red balloon. As the notes in the song go up, the balloon goes up and the kids all stand up and wave their own red balloons in the air. And then as the notes go down, the balloon goes down and the kids all move their balloons down with the music.

By the time they learn to play the piano, no one has to tell them what the staff is all about because they've learned the basics without even knowing they were learning.

One of my children is in her third and final year of Let's Play Music, and she's learning to do things I barely know how to do - like find the root of a chord, transpose music on the fly, and even compose her own song.

They're having a big giveaway right now, so go to the Let's Play Music Blog to check it out, or take a look at their website to learn more about the program.


  1. I used to take my kids to Gymboree music class. They loved it. Now they have great music programs in their schools. Way better than what I ever had.

  2. Wow. I didn't realize kids could learn the stuff your girl is learning now. That's amazing!

    Too bad I don't have any little ones I could put in the program ~ sounds excellent!

  3. Do they have a class for adults? This sounds great.

  4. Stina - that's great that they have good music programs right in the schools.

    Ali - I know, right??? If you're interested, I'll show you a little of what they're doing when you're here next week. (Maybe I'll even get her to play you something. Maybe. She's a little hit and miss on her enthusiasm for performing. LOL)

    Valerie - The only adult program they have that I know of is for the Moms & Dads of the students. Every other week in the first year, and then once a month in the second and third years, they have a parent's day where the parents are supposed to come and learn what their children are doing so they can best help them at home. It's awesome. :-D

  5. I've seriously got to check that program out! =D

  6. What an amazing program!!! How cool! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Hey Jenn, I left you an award on my blog today! :)

  8. Awesome! My daughter is going to start the piano soon, I should get her into this!


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